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Amigos Meat maintains the highest ethical standards with our customers, suppliers, employees and other business associates. We work with a global network of companies and family farmers who share our values. We ensure consistent sourcing of quality meats to our customers at competitive pricing.

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“With Amigos we work as friends, because we have developed a trust relationship and they always offer us the best prices. It has been a while since we decided to work only with Amigos, and they have been indulged us in prices and in meat quality.”
Sandy, Owner El Granero Supermarket McDonough and Rex
“Very happy with Amigos Meat, my saleswoman already knows the meat that I like. The last 4 years I have only worked with Amigos and no longer experienced problems with the price and quality of the meat.”
Lucio, Owner El Granero Supermarket Forest Park

Our Commitment

We are meat distributor experts and the most tenacious negotiators in the industry with the goal to provide our customers the best value they can receive in the terms of quality, price and service in order to actively contribute with their success, and let them focus in growing their own business.

Your success is our success!