Pork Basics

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By the end of 2018, the Agriculture Department predicts that U.S. pork production will equal — and occasionally exceed — that of beef.
The average American will eat the equivalent of 28 pigs in their lifetime.1
Pork tenderloin cuts are almost as lean as skinless chicken breasts.
April 15th is Glazed Ham Day.
December 18th is National Roast Suckling Pig Day.
Pork has more protein than chicken and is high in zinc, iron and B-vitamins.
At the global level, pork is by far the most widely consumed meat.
Pork is the most versatile meat. It can be marinated, roasted, grilled, skewered, dry rubbed, boiled, baked, barbecued, microwaved, pan-fried or stir-fried.1
During the War of 1812, a packer named Uncle Sam Wilson sent off several hundred barrels of pork for the troops. Each package was labeled ‘U.S.’ and it didn’t take long for ‘Uncle Sam’ to be a household name for the government.
Ham is the number one sandwich eaten in U.S. households.

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